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  • Our mission is to unbore people so we're looking for interesting and attention grabbing webpages, pages you would enjoy visiting. Perhaps a new product, a game to play online, a funny blog post, a cool video to watch or an outstanding offer.
    Please bear in mind UBlam is aimed at a general worldwide audience by people of all ages, nationalities and cultures so any webpages which contain adult content or content which promotes racism, hate or violence will be rejected.
    To preserve high standards for UBlam visitors we charge a non-refundable $1 editoral review fee for each page submitted. The editor's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
    You will receive an email you to confirm activation or rejection of each page. A webpage credit for each rejected page will be credited to your account which you can use to submit a different webpage.
  • Your Website/Company Name (entered by you on the registration form) is displayed on the News page and may not be a URL. We reserve the right to amend your Website/Company Name. You will be notified of any changes we make and you can change it again should you wish to do so.
  • By submitting your link, you do not own any part of UBlam. Your percentage probability displayed on the 'News' page is NOT your share of ownership of UBlam, it is the probability that your link will show up once the Blam button is pressed.
  • Should you wish to remove your links from UBlam, you may do so however no refund is payable.
  • Once a link is active it will remain live until Ublam closes or it is deleted by an editor because the content has changed and contravenes editoral guidelines or the web page is no longer available.
    A webpage credit for each deleted page will be credited to your account which you can use to submit a different webpage.
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